Aberdeen Matawan Girls Softball


Coaching Background Checks!

To ensure a safe environment for our players we are requesting and required by Babe Ruth to have all coaches and board members pass a background check every three years.  The league feels your agreement to volunteer your time should not cost you to get this done. So we are picking up that cost. 

If you are new to the league or feel you may not have completed a check in the past 3 years we are asking you to submit your information to Protect Youth Sports see link below.   If you think you did this in past few years for your league we are providing a list of people that have records on follow the link below. If you are on that list you are good if not you will need to submit your information.

This information will not be shared and will be controlled by the President and Vice President of the league.  Unfortunately if you took one for another sport or league we need it run through us as well again.  

If you have any concerns please reach out to us at amsoftall1973@gmail.com

Link below to submit background check.