Aberdeen Matawan Girls Softball


All teams have a weekly set practice time. All other open times will used for rescheduling rain outs or practices that are bumped due to the game schedule.  Before using an open time, please check with your division commissioner.  

Oakshades lights - text or call 848-250-9814 if there is an issue.

LLOYD ROAD Saturdays only X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Burseth/CLINIC 10-11AM until season starts
GAMES (clinic)
PONYTAIL Nunez/TBALL 5:30-6:30 Santos/TBALL 5:30-6:30 Guilas/TBALL 5:30-6:30 Camarrata/TBALL 4:30-5:30
Netta/TBALL 6-7pm
OAKSHADES (field) (Nestor 5-6pm) Pagan/MINORS 4:30-6 GAMES (minors)
Monico/CLINIC 6-7:30pm Neil/MINORS 5:30-7 Huskies Travel 6-7:30pm Cherney/MINORS 6-7:30
GAMES 8pm (majors) JSH 7:30-9pm GAMES 8pm (majors) GAMES 8pm (majors)
OAKSHADES (cage) Eric/MAJORS 6-7pm Mike/MAJORS 6-7pm
ROSS #1 X X X X X X Ritter/MAJORS 6:30-8pm X X X Eric/MAJORS 6-7:30pm HOLD FOR MAKE-UP GAMES X X X
Monico/CLINIC 6-7:30pm Broderick/CLINIC 6-7:30pm
VETERANS X X X Kreigstien/MINORS 5:30-7pm Fanslau/CLINIC 5:30-6:30 Wilson/MAJORS 6-7:30 Burseth/CLINIC 6-7:30pm Fernicola/MINORS 6:30-8pm X X X